The Project

Think about the way you live now. How you connect with friends, how you get news and entertainment, how you manage your money, play, work, and relax.

The infinite interconnections made possible by digital technology are remapping the lives of almost everyone on the planet. A new image of the world is being created that is always-on and animated in real-time, where static is a thing of the past and everything you know to be true today will be history tomorrow.  Nothing will go untouched, no activity: medicine, media, religion, relationships, manufacturing, marketing and more. We are in the midst of a metadata metamorphosis.

Everyone participates in the digital world one way or another. The opportunities offered by a digitally facilitated future are endless. But how are those opportunities going to be turned into reality? How will connections be made and ideas spread and implemented? How are we going to solve the pressing problems that confront us?

The Project: Digital Disruption
is your chance to be at the forefront of this change.
In an action-packed two-day event, attendees will hear from over 30 international and local speakers on how digital disruption is changing the way we live and work and learn how organizations are leveraging the opportunities created by digital disruption to transform their businesses. The unique structure allows for exploration of topics on a conceptual, inspirational and practical level, and brings together innovators and world-class minds from the Pacific Rim and further afield — some blazing with huge ideas and others who have already made their ideas real.

Whatever your industry or interest, The Project offers a rare chance to learn from their successes – and failures – and together try to make sense of the ever-shifting and constantly-evolving digital world. At the same time The Project will provide a platform for diverse people and networks to converge and catalyse something new and different.

Let's connect the dots and see what we can create.


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